hiii!!! im devi but you can also call me xochi or valentine. i am an 18 year old genderfluid gay afrolatino webmaster. im using this site as a place to host any projects i have and to teach myself how to code. i'm even majoring in computer science to learn other languages ^w^ (updates may vary whether or not i even feel like coding or not. my site can be a bit of a mashup of different styles because i like experimenting with shit so i may change things up once in a while.
my general interests include: coding (DUH), reading, drawing (when i feel like it LOL), cooking, gaming, and occasionally watching shit. (whether it be movies, cartoons, anime whatever) wanna hear more about my interests? click here i have a page dedicated to my interests ^__^ butttt other things i like other than my hobbies are cats, weaponry, horror (if that kinda wasnt obvious enough), figures, plushies, console hacking, computer viruses, cd collecting ( wanna see my collection? ), GLOOMY BEAR (technically a piece of media but whatever I LOVE GLOOMY BEAR)

my interests media-wise are:

animanga: trigun, dead dead demons dedededestruction, monster, death note, golden kamuy, chainsaw man, parasyte, kuuchuu buranko, kaiji, homunculus, nekojiru, dorohedoro, azumanga daioh, oyasumi punpun, yotsuba

music: mr bungle, machine girl, death grips, korn, slipknot, system of a down, toxic lipstick, the garden, puzzle, enjoy, cowgirl clue, lustsickpuppy, kmfdm, nine inch nails, the paper chase, kero kero bonito, a tribe called quest, mf doom, maximum the hormone

movies: ichi the killer, sympathy for ms vengeance, re-animator, house, scream, jennifers body, raw, paprika, noroi: the curse, synecdoche new york, shaun of the dead, audition, battle royale, the thing, video drome, possibly in michigan

tv shows (even though there isn't a lot of shows i like right now lol): the eric andre show, loiter squad, home movies, venture bros, swarm

games: doom, higurashi, splatoon, yakuza, zelda (twilight princess + skyward sword), parappa/um jammer lammy, psychonauts, space funeral, off, hotline miami, suda51 games (im playing killer7 at the moment), sam and max, grim fandango, copper odyessey, portal, mad father, metal gear

here's where you can find me:


my kinlist

just know i dont take any of this shit seriously its all for fun