why i love frye (splatoon spoilers ahead!)

i wanna start with the fact that all of deep cuts character designs, and music style are heavily based on and blended with several cultural groups, big mans being brazil, fryes being india and shivers being japan. which is what makes them drastically different from both the squid sisters and off the hook, thus fitting the winning finalfest theme chaos perfectly. they're even one of the primary antagonists (though turned allies) in splatoon 3's story mode. their dynamic towards the new squidbeak splatoon very reminscent to team rocket fromp pokemon. out of all three bosses, frye's was the one that stood out to me the most, she's very much into the role of playing the villain and loves her side hustle as a bandit, despite her motives being for a good cause (looting to give to the poor) which i love and is really refreshing considering most of the other splatoon idols are either some sort of agents or are mostly tasked with saving the world from imending doom for the entirety of the game.

frye's vocal style

as i've mentioned before, she represents indian + south asian culture, her style of singing is gamakas (a southern indian singing techinique used in carntic music.) paired with big mans bouncy music style, it sounds really fucking good. especially the vocalization in fins in the air and her anarchy rainbow(?) solo

shes is a silly goose and i love her

an evergrowing collection of frye official art