just a place where i keep my thoughts and ramblings.... i dont update this page very often but i do when i can.

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2022's entries
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01 ~ 1/12/2023
my head fucking hurts. also i ordered a wacom with birthday money i had and it never showed up so i got a refund. i basically kind of pirated csp for nothing now but at least i could probably buy it physically depending on how much the ones they have cost i guess. new meds have been ok i guess. my fingers keep twitching cuz of them which isnt so bad but it is what it is.

02 ~ 1/13/2023
tried ghost pepper chips they were the weakest shit ever. the only thing it did was make my mouth burn for more than a minute before i drank a bit of water and it went away lol. idk what im gonna do this weekend, its a long weekend, i cant really go shopping or anything i dont have that much money to even do anything other than probably buy food or something and maybe my wacom when i get the money back from the refund. ive been meaning to save up for when i have to leave and try to work on my impulse buying habits at the same time + my resourcefulness (not ordering out and just cooking with what we have etc etc) im replaying sam and max since i havent finished beyond space and time yet and with the final game remaster releasing sometime this year.

03 ~ 1/17/2023
i got my wacom yesterday. now i really need to save money lol. i've been cooking a lot more since then. i made cheesecake yesterday

04 ~ 1/31/2023
been so busy trying to bring my math grade up that i forgot i have a site to run lol. im passed for the semester at least only one college gives a shit about my grade the other ones i already got accepted into. either way i kinda have an excuse cuz my dad died so ermmm. i watched 964 pinocchio today, it was alright aside from the vomit scene. will try to update more oopsy

05 ~ 2/3/2023
today was alright. i've been so busy with school that i havent had much time for hobbies. im trying to make time to though. ive been playing copper odyssey lately its pretty good.

06 ~ 2/13/2023
i started zyprexa the other day. its makes me really sleepy. everythings fine i guess but theres things i cant disclose here because its private. i've been playing a lot of splatoon 1 lately. a hacker almost decked my wii u. i still need to buy an sd card so i can do that tiramisu thing before the eshop closes

07 ~ 2/17/2023
i went to the ward this week for three days. it was pretty boring but i guess i wasn't expecting it to be fun either. i made a few friends there so thats nice. i felt like i needed it but at the same time i fucking hated the lack of freedom and privacy i had there. it feels nice to be able to take a shower or sleep whenever i want again. it'll probably take me a while to get used to sleeping without interuption or being forced to get up at 6am. i hate hospitals in general anyway i dunno why

08 ~ 2/18/2023
today was boring. i cant really go out anywhere because i lost my metro card anyway. im comtemplating making my own utau.....

09 ~ 2/23/2023
i decided to take a break from everything besides neocities and tumblr for a while now. i felt like i needed it. nothing interesting happened lately except for me planning on hacking my wii u soon. ive thought about possibily finding the older games my dad kept somewhere in the basement but i have a suspicion that he mightve thrown them away except for splat1. hacking my wii u might be a much better investment anyway. i have a job interview monday hopefully thatll go well so i can finally start making my own money to save for when i move out of my moms place. everything feels so slow but fast at the same times its weird

10 ~ 3/1/2023
i got a job recently and i might start this weekend so thats good. nothing much has happened lately ive been so tired.
11 ~ 3/14/2023
ive been so busy lately and burnt out lately that i forgot i had a site to run. i start my job next weekend other than that not much has happened