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01 ~ 6/27/2022 1:11pm

i stayed up and made tres leches last night i havent tried it yet though i hope its good. i feel like if i spend all day working i can get a lot of shit done and hopefully come up with more ideas. i should really think about college as well i dont know where im gonna go and how im supposed to be able to survive. ill go where ever life takes me i suppose.

02 ~ 9/19/2022 7:25pm

i lost most of my log entries so starting fresh i guess lol

03 ~ 9/20/2022 8:23am

about yesterday - it wasnt very good but it was good at the very end of it. i didnt feel like putting up with anything and i was not really doing well mentally. but after a while i started feeling better ^.^. i havent said anything about this on here but im exercising more to gain muscle. ive been doing it for about 2-3 weeks now. ive made a ton of progress since then im happy.

04 ~ 9/23/2022

this week was absolutely awful. i had a lot of episodes as well as back to back splitting episodes -__-. sometimes i really wish i could just never speak to people again. im going to the mall tomorrow hopefully thatll make up for this week being shitty.

05 ~ 9/26/2022

things have gotten better but not much. my episodes have settled down a bit. i went to the mall the other day. i bought a shirt, some earrings, and a new lanyard. they had a spirit halloween open at the first floor. i didn't want to spend too much but i wanted to. i got a ghostface mask and a syringe pen its so cute ^.^

06 ~ 11/21/2022

trying to pick up coding again. mental healths still been shitty lately but thats what that is i guess. i made brownies last week and i plan to cook for my family this week... though i don't celebrate thanksgiving. i really want to start cooking again more especially for myself. im getting a bit sick of ordering out since im kind of broke now LOL. i finished the process of finding and applying to colleges and got into a school like last weekend. not my #1 choice but yay me. i'm kind of in the process of job hunting again hopefully i can actually get one that isnt very exploitive this time....... let alone one that doesn't involve me in a kitchen.

media i've been into lately or finished:

splatoon ~ its all i ever fucking play really lol. aside from the actually playing of the game i like looking into band lore.

teizokurei daydream ~ ive started it a few weeks ago(?) its really good i like it so far

yakuza kiwami 2 ~ i hate it but im almost done so i must persist

im thinking of ending things by iain reid ~ i thought it was ok. the ending was really weird and kind of underwhelming

07 ~ 11/22/2022

i might hack my wii u today hopefully i have everything i need to do it. or maybe i wont. depends on how lazy i am.