devi's dream diary

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literally all i remember is someone telling me i can wear whatever i want somewhere but i have no fuckin idea where. its annoying how i cant remember dreams sometimes ugh

i was sitting at a table with a girl i used to know. i hate her. she was running her mouth about something but i cant remember what she said. and suddenly i smacked the absolute shit out of her LMFAO. good dream

my server had some sort of meetup except it was with people i dont even know. they were all really obnixous. one started jacking off in front of me so i kicked him off the couch he was laying on and he died.
after i woke up and went back to sleep i had another dream but this one took place in my middle school science lab. i was taking either a test or just doing an assignment. it had several options for an answer and they were all the play on the word farting or something like that i was about to answer until mom had woke me up since i missed my alarm.

i was slowing being turned into a skeleton and i was crying about it a lot

i saw a cat with a lot of kittens they were all so tiny and small. i wanted to pick them up and take them in with me because i was afraid something or someone will probably hurt them. and then one of my friends said no and that i shouldn't touch them so i didn't. i was sad about it and then i decided that i was gonna take them in and when i opened the door where the cat and the kittens were i hissed at it and it hissed at me back. two other cats came in they were wet. one had a bob tail the other was black and white. when the cat hissed at me i started crying a bit.

all i remember was going to a cd/dvd store with my friends. i found a copy for this rugrats go to paris butthole surfers compilation cd that i wanted to get. my friend got pretty fucking mad at me for it idk why. he kept insisting that i don't buy it and was complaining so i told her to shut up. and then at some point my grandpa got evicted

i was trapped at school, a teacher i used to have before he got fired and kicked out was in the hall putting up posters and singing loudly. but in a really creepy way. i could hear him from wherever i was in the school and i avoided him until i found a way out since i was trapped. it wasn't scary, moreso creepy and weird

i walked in on multiple mass suicides. thats all i remmeber.